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We are constantly finding innovative ways for better user acquisition in the mobile marketing industry


Gameberry is a company that is constantly finding innovative ways for
better user acquisition in the mobile marketing industry.

As a first step, "Jungggle", Gameberry's open exchange for global advertising, sets the standard for the global advertising market
by sorting from thousands of media sellers worldwide to provide top rated traffic sources to the market.
Using "Jungggle", Gameberry can look through the performance data of global media sellers in real time and can provide
the most cost-efficient traffics. Not only do we stand out in media buying, we are also constantly researching and testing new ways
to gain high-quality users, to provide effective marketing services and allow better user acquistion in the mobile marketing industry.


We set the media buying strategy and do user acquisition according to the budget and goal of the campaign.
This process is followed by real-time monitoring and optimizing the ads in order to maximize the performance.

Media Buying

With our 5 years of media buying experience and the user acquisition data that we accumulated, we select and optimize the most effective traffic sources in order to maximize the performance within the campaign budget. We are currently working with the Top 100 ad networks worldwide. Through Gameberry's global traffic exchange, "Junggle" we are able to collect bid price and performance data from thousands of traffic sources in order to perform the most effective user acquisition. We have achieved many successful campaigns in diverse categories such as games, productivity, utilities, business, education, etc.

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Viral Marketing

We strive to provide a service that can actually spread contents and make them truly go viral.
We don't post using instant accounts but we have a pool of actual and active users of blogs, Instagram, Vines, Reddit, Twitch, Youtube and other famous local channels, who can write and upload their own posts regarding the contents.
We select the right local channel along to the category of the app and their target users, and induce actions by the followers of the influencers we work with.

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Usability Test

We set up testers considering the target user's age, gender, experience using similar apps, and experience with in-app purchases, etc.
Based on our experience with Usability Testing for over 50 apps, we create effective questionnaires that generate genuine results about the app's UI/UX, product quality, business model, design, etc.
We perform tests based on CBT (Closed Beta Test) and FGT (Focus Group Test), and we also help turning testers into seed users of the app when it launches.

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Gameberry performed many successful campaigns.
We make sure to understand the full contents of the app and proceed with the most effective marketing.

Based on the sucessful experience from Games to Photo and Lifestyle,
we are able to perform the most effective user acquisition for each category

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We are searching for new team members that have what it takes
to make Gameberry grow and become the leader in the mobile market.

We emphasize "together" as we want to have fun together, grow together, and provide the best value and service
within the mobile market together. We welcome those who are willing to achieve this.

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If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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